Gamescom 2015: It's a Bigger Event Than You Think

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Gamescom 2015: It's a Bigger Event Than You Think

Gamescom isn't exactly a big name for a lot of people; it's certainly no E3, and it's even not quite a match for the Penny Arcade Expo. But this German game trade show is regarded as one of the biggest events of the year, and with good reason.

No matter what your gaming system of choice is--whether you take a side in the console wars, believe Nintendo still has a chance to take it all, or count yourself as part of the Glorious PC Master Race--you've got a lot to look forward to. In fact, one recent listing found out at IGN suggests fully 65 games making some kind of appearance at the show,with quite a few to get playable versions on the show floor.

First, Nintendo's actually going to have a fair crop of games on hand here. "Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash" will be making an appearance in playable form, as well "FAST Racing Neo," "Little Battlers eXperience", "Mario Kart 8", and several others from there, which is a phrase I almost never thought I'd type in conjunction with Nintendo again.

The consoles, naturally, will be well-represented; some believe, for example, that the "Fallout 4" demo exclusively shown at Quakecon--the one we talked about right here just recently--will be making a more public appearance at Gamescom, a development devoutly to be wished. A pair of Tom Clancy titles, both "Rainbow Six: The Siege" and "The Division" will be making appearances, and exclusives for both consoles will be in attendance. Interestingly, though, there looks to be a lot more in the way of Xbox One exclusives arriving than those for PlayStation 4, which is a strange development.

PC gamers, meanwhile, will also get plenty of exclusives, or near exclusives. "Anno 2205" will be on hand in a kind of playable form, reports suggest, as well as "Heroes of the storm" and "Overwatch."

It's not hard to look at these reports and get excited for Gamescom, running August 5 through 9. Not only are there a host of games in general, but there are also some very big names involved. Just looking at the list staggers me; I don't believe I've ever seen four different iterations of "Final Fantasy" in one place, but I'm seeing it here. There's Type-0 HD, Heavensward, 15 and 15: Episode Duscae. There's even a report that "Dead Island 2" will make some kind of appearance, and hopefully it can clarify its release date a bit since the trouble with Yager took place.

Still, I'm absolutely floored by what's coming to Gamescom, and ostensibly, what's coming to the rest of 2015 and into 2016 in gaming. It's downright amazing, and I eagerly await the chance to get a crack at these titles, or even just find out what's coming soon.

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