No One Cares About the Indie Game? Don't Say That At PAX Prime.

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No One Cares About the Indie Game? Don't Say That At PAX Prime.

With so much going on in the next couple months in terms of gaming--the Paris Games Week expo coming up, a host of releases on tap--it might be easy to overlook one of the newest major forces in gaming, the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) Prime event. Held out in Seattle, the home of the original PAX event, it's going to be a huge exhibition for games of all stripes. But for those who think that the independent game may have lost its luster in the face of all those big, shiny, triple-A releases, you can count that right out: the Indie Megabooth is making its return, and showing off a huge slate of titles.

This is actually the fourth appearance of the Megabooth, and contained therein will be over 70 different titles from independent developers worldwide. Nearly half of the games being shown are actually new to the Megabooth, and some are new period, making public debuts at the show. One of the titles on hand will be "That Dragon, Cancer," which features a family out to come to grips with the terminal illness infecting their young son. There's even a documentary about the release titled "Thank You For Playing", and that will also be shown at the event. Those interested will need to be in the Sasquatch Theater at eight PM, August 30, to catch this one.

That's just the start, naturally, and a host of other titles will be on hand besides this. There's even a preview video on hand that looks a lot like an 1980s music video, which as we all know was pretty much the high-water mark for music video making, though the 90s certainly had their high points. But the video, meanwhile, will give you a great introduction to some of the upcoming titles, ranging from what looks like a 2.5d action game called "Death Road to Canada" from Rocketcat Games to an unusual racing game from Milkbag Games called "FutureGrind". There will also be tabletop games on hand, and all manner of other titles.

Basically, for those who thought that the next generation of gaming was a little light on the indie fare, that's a point that's about to change in fairly short order. There are plenty of games on the way, to join in the flood of games we've got coming from the larger developers. Once again this reasserts the point: the next few months are going to be absolutely huge for gaming, and gamers are about to have a very fine time indeed.

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