So Who Won Gamescom 2015, Anyway?

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So Who Won Gamescom 2015, Anyway?

The ink has dried on another Gamescom event, and with it and E3 now a memory and the year in gaming pretty much laid out before us, I like to turn my thoughts to the inevitable question: who won, anyway? While E3 gave me something of a nebulous winner--there was just too much goodness coming out on all sides to really declare a company the winner--Gamescom, I think, is more specific.

This year it was all about Microsoft.

Microsoft was flooding the show floor with impressive titles, and while it was hardly alone, Sony's seemingly tactical move to push back to the Paris Games Week instead may leave it in a better position at that show, but it may have had to concede Gamescom to win. Microsoft also gets something of an edge in PC gaming, because let's face it, most PCs these days run on Microsoft products. Any Windows game is a Microsoft game of sorts, and an Xbox One game is likewise.

There were some serious titles out there showing some impressive trailers and providing some release dates as well; once September 1 hits, it's going to be an absolute avalanche of top-flight titles hitting the grid, with only a couple weeks between each. And it doesn't seem like there's going to be a lot of space involved here, either; the IGN list for favorite game of Gamescom 2015 features no less than 52 titles, if I counted right, and that on average is one a week every week for the next year. Of course, there are some coming to different systems, and there will be some weeks with nothing at all. There's also the nigh-inevitable delays that will crop up, but still, this list is jammed full, and much of it is Microsoft-connected in some way.

While Sony will likely bounce back with the arrival of the Paris Games Week event, for right now Microsoft has pretty much taken the taco. It'll be interesting to see Sony snap back, and it likely will. But for right now, it's the Xbox One and PC gamers out there who had plenty of cause for celebration.

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