Techland May Be Ready for Another Crack at Dead Island 2

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Techland May Be Ready for Another Crack at Dead Island 2

Back when Dead Island first came out, it was said there was a little--or maybe more than a little--friction between its developer Techland and its publisher Deep Silver. That didn't bode well for the creation of Dead Island 2, which at least partially explains why Deep Silver turned to Yager instead. But with Yager filing for insolvency, that leaves Dead Island 2 somewhat in limbo, a limbo that Techland, reportedly, might like to help fix.

Techland producer Tymon Smektala stepped in, noting that he would " to go back to Dead Island," and would be ready to serve should Deep Silver call. Smektala even charitably referred to the Yager insolvency as "sad news," not only believing that it could well have been Techland on the bad end of that news, but also hating to see progress halted on Dead Island 2 altogether. That does, however, just seem to be Smektala's assessment, rather than all of Techland's.

But with Techland having put together Dead Island, its immediate successor Dead Island: Riptide, and the breakout hit zombie property Dying Light, it's a safe bet that Techland has a great idea of what to do with zombie gaming now, and may well be in a better position than ever to come back to Dead Island and make it a title far superior to Dead Island, or even Dying Light.

Personally, I'd be fine with it. While Dead Island wasn't exactly the stunner that its impressive trailer hinted it would be, it certainly wasn't a bad game. It just was an underwhelming game is all, and given what Techland knows about the zombie gaming genre now, I'd certainly be happy to hear that it got back into the fray. What I'd seen of Dead Island 2 certainly had my attention, and seeing it pushed back to Undefined Date 2016 is a deeply sorrowful note. Still, with Techland potentially interested and Deep Silver down a developer, this might be one of those perfect opportunities that crop up every so often.

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