YouTube Ready to Make a Move on Twitch?

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YouTube Ready to Make a Move on Twitch?

An exciting little leak slipped out just recently, and based on that leak's information, by the time the kids go back to school, Twitch will have some newly-minted competition from no less a force in the market than YouTube itself.

The project is said to be called "YouTube Gaming," and while perhaps the least original name the project could have taken, the idea is still more than sufficiently clever. Not only will the channel feature content from the creative community--the raftload of Let's Play videos and the like--but will also offer up live streaming of e-sports events, as well as game reviews and similar content. Users will be able to browse a list of trending games, and there will even be a chat window said to be a parallel for Twitch's now infamous chat system.

Reports suggest that things could be changing from here, and Android users are reportedly currently able to give the system a test drive. So what's known of it so far may not reflect the final product.

This is actually pretty exciting news; we're looking at a competitor to Twitch, which is about the largest name in the game right now when it comes to e-sports streaming, that has the muscle and market power of YouTube. That could be a very big deal, and destabilize the market as it's known today. But does YouTube have the chops sufficient to be a player in this market? Well, it wouldn't be so far out of line; it's already home to major names in gaming. I think we all know how much money PewDiePie makes by now, an absolutely crazy sum by any given measure. We know the market is there, we know the content is there, but can YouTube bring it together in a sufficiently coherent fashion? Even this last potential prop of doubt is made shaky by early reports that suggest the app as it's known today works, and works quite well.

Only time will tell just how far this goes, but with a little over a month left of summer 2015, the answer is likely nearer to hand than anyone may have expected. The audience is there, the interest is clearly there, and with the technology likely to be well in hand, YouTube's dominance in e-sports could prove a sure bet.

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