Five New Xbox Bundles: Is Microsoft Hoping Lightning Strikes Twice?

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Five New Xbox Bundles: Is Microsoft Hoping Lightning Strikes Twice?

So some of the biggest news last week was the revelation that there would be fully five new Xbox One bundles coming out for the holiday shopping season. That's awesome, really it is...but if it seems familiar, that's because it should. But considering how well it worked last year, the question is, will it work again, and is that what Microsoft is hoping will happen?

Several bundles are set to emerge over the course of last week--the first of which came out earlier today and is heavy on the "Tomb Raider" at last report--and bring with them the opportunity to own both system and game in one handy package. This is a great bargain, of course, and for those who don't already have the system, or just want to add a second system--or even third--into their lives, it's a fine opportunity to do that.

It also mirrors an effort seen last year when Microsoft offered up the "Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare", "Sunset Overdrive" and "Fifa 15" bundles, along with the "Assassin's Creed" bundle. The bundles were generally well-received, and by some reports helped give Microsoft an edge for several months in the overall console sales level. So to suggest that Microsoft is hoping lightning will strike again really isn't out of line.

But there's one nagging doubt that hits me on this one: the time. This is 2015, or about two years after the release of both systems. It stands to reason that most folks who were going to get an Xbox One have probably done so by now, so why offer the bundle? There's a possibility that those who were looking to go dual-system waited, of course, and that's really not out of line at all. But this isn't likely to be that big of a market, so why is Microsoft putting out the big bundle array into a field where a lot of folks have already made the call? Maybe it's hoping to break some gamers away from Sony's camp, give it a bit of an edge going into the next round of the console wars in another five years or so. Maybe it's just trying to make up some lost edge, and it's lost quite a bit of that since launch back in 2013.

So there are more than a few possible reasons why Microsoft's making this move, and while I doubt its overall effectiveness at this late stage of the game, I can't fault Microsoft's sheer moxie in making the attempt. Hopefully it will work and keep the console wars nice and close, a state which is a lot better for the gamers.

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