Is Konami Out of the Gaming Hunt?

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Is Konami Out of the Gaming Hunt?

Some rather shocking new rumors recently emerged from the Konami gaming machine, and for those who liked Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill and the like, the news is not good at all. Current rumors suggest that this triple-A gaming studio has no major projects in the pipeline following one big release to come.

Basically, if reports of Konami's upcoming schedule are to be believed, the company has just one major game in development: Pro Evolution Soccer. The reports further suggest that Konami is rapidly working on Metal Gear Online, but after that and Pro Evolution Soccer, there's not much going on. Worse, a tweet from Konami composer Rika Muranaka, who previously worked on Castlevania and Metal Gear Solid games, suggests that Muranaka's looking for new work. The tweet in question said "'s pretty, I can't write music to any of AAA games..well, I need to find another AAA game company".


What's getting some hackles up, though, is that back in March 2015, Konami said it was actively engaged in "auditions for main staff to lead the development" of a new kind of Metal Gear project. It even went so far as to ask developers to join in.

But that doesn't explain the blank schedule, a strange development by most any standards. Now, naturally, just because Konami's not showing a schedule doesn't mean that Konami has nothing to show. It could be that it's playing things close to the vest, not divulging what else is afoot. But given earlier reports that suggested that Konami would be focusing on mobile in the future--smartphones would be the company's "main platform" according to reports--that may not be the case. Subsequent reports suggest that Konami did still have plans to develop for consoles, though, so the question becomes one of is Konami showing nothing, or does Konami have nothing to show?

Here's the good news, though; word from a Konami of Europe community manager hit Twitter, suggesting the news was a complete crock, saying "I hope re-purposing speculation and rumour as news, isn't the new standard". Of course, that doesn't exactly say something like "The news is false" or "Here's why our schedule is blank at last report". And it's coming from the Twitter feed of a community manager for the European branch of Konami, which isn't exactly a major decision-maker talking. Further support came from Konami customer support, who assured a concerned customer that "...we're definitely not leaving Metal Gear behind or anything like that." The rep further suggested that this was the mistake of "some blogs" who made the claim, and the customer service rep was "...not really sure where they'd be getting that from." Again, not exactly a higher-up in the business, but cause for hope if nothing else. Some recent reports featuring Konami UK's Graham Day found in Forbes even noted that Konami suggested it can carry on with "Metal Gear" without having Hideo Kojima around, as that's already been the case, citing "Metal Gear Rising" as proof. But given that reports note that "Rising"'s plot and character Raiden's design was a Kojima Productions effort, the concept falls a bit flat. Day carried on in that vein in a further report from Forbes as well, though given that Day is a community manager, that may not have the desired confidence-building effect.

Only time will tell, in the end, just what position Konami's actually taking with this one, but the word does not look good for those fond of Konami titles.

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