2016 in Gaming: The Look Ahead

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2016 in Gaming: The Look Ahead

Here we are once again, gamers...it's almost the end of the year--hat tip to our boys Sifl and Olly, God rest their insane argyle souls--and as such, it's time to take a look at the games and other developments that have me on the edge of my seat ahead of 2016. It's looking like it'll be a bang-up year in gaming, so settle in, because we're going to check out some exciting stuff to come.


Man, if this wasn't the biggest sack of news to slam into us this year. With the Oculus Rift finally poised for a 2016 first quarter release, it's only a matter of time until all the other biggies like PlayStation VR arrive as well. While we're still not a hundred percent sure on exactly when or for what systems, its arrival on the gaming scene will fundamentally alter gaming as we know it. It will likely also alter a hundred other things besides, but regardless, this will do some amazing things for gaming.

Tom Clancy's The Division

The first single game on the roster, Tom Clancy's The Division is a massive open world gaming experience set in New York City following what looks like a biological weapon attack. This leaves most of the city evacuated, except for those inside who would profit from the abandonment or merely advance their own agenda. A game this big could be quite a bit of fun, and its seeming seamlessness between single player and multiplayer modes should prove a nice nod to everyone's game style of choice.

Dead Island 2

Slated, at last report, for a release sometime this year, we should get either a game or some news about this. While it's been stuck in limbo forever, it's hard to imagine the game abandoned outright, particularly in light of how well Dying Light turned out. A fun-looking zombie game stuffed with a host of shambling corpses, locations to search, and impressive weapons, Dead Island 2 might well be everything Dead Island wasn't.


You can't talk about a year in gaming--forward or backward--without bringing up E3. We won't hear even rumors about what's hitting this show--slated for June 14 - 16 in Los Angeles--until at least mid-April, but you know that this is the show where all the biggest news emerges. Will we hear about a new Nintendo system? Will Microsoft push a new one itself, trying to jump the gun on Sony? And of course, what games will we hear about that set all of us on edge for the rest of 2016?

A lot of big questions will follow us into 2016, and hopefully, we'll get answers for these soon enough. So be sure to stick around; we've got a long road ahead, and I'm glad to have you all walking with me on this one.

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