Ready for Ark: Survival Evolved on Xbox One?

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Ready for Ark: Survival Evolved on Xbox One?

Ever since I heard about this, and saw plenty of Let's Play footage and other such images show up online, I've had a clear hankering for Ark: Survival Evolved on Xbox One. It's no Fallout 4, but this interesting combination of Minecraft-style building and first-person shooter glee should be quite the ride. New details have recently emerged about when this will be coming out, and when it will be out just a little early.

The final versions for console and PC alike are due out in June 2016, but there was already plenty of early access treatment for PC gamers. Xbox One, meanwhile, will also be getting an early taste, and a lot sooner than expected. Get out your wallets, those of you who aren't broke from Christmas shopping, because you'll be able to get in on the mining, dino riding fun starting December 16. The Xbox Game Preview version of Ark: Survival Evolved will be on hand for $34.99, and those who buy in now will get access to the full version when it releases in June. Those who wait for June, however, will buy in at the full retail price, which will be higher. So those with any interest will want to buy in early so as to take advantage of the markdown while still getting to play the game.

Now that, right there, is a great concept. Imagine if we could have bought the beta version of Fallout 4 back in, say, September for $39.99. It would have been a bit of a shot in the revenue for Bethesda, but it would have sold like hotcakes. Seeing other games make this jump would be likewise welcome; I'd be happy to buy in on the beta version of a lot of games if it meant the full game for free later on. I can't help but wonder how many other gamers would take them up on this particular offer.

In general, I've been reasonably happy with the status of Xbox Game Preview so far, though I would like to see more games show up there. It's been exciting, being exposed to those games formerly would have only be able to try on the PC. Hopefully with 2016's arrival, we'll see more games hit the action. For right now, though, we've had some exciting looks at games and more than a little fun in the process. Ark: Survival Evolved is just the latest slice of such fun.

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