That's All He Can Stands: Kojima Ready to Open New Studio

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That's All He Can Stands: Kojima Ready to Open New Studio

And just like that, Konami's less than professional behavior comes back to bite it as it gets a new competitor. Hideo Kojima, easily one of the most put upon game directors out there, has formally exited Konami and started his own studio, with its first development target being no less than Sony itself.

The new studio will be staffed by an as-yet-uncounted number of Kojima Productions staffers, and Sony is already in talks with the new studio to start getting product on its systems. Sounds like a great plan, though I'm not sure why Kojima is effectively ignoring a hefty chunk of the game market by not having similar talks with Microsoft. At least, not yet; those talks could well be forthcoming and we just haven't heard about them yet.

This whole thing has been a mess right from the word go, and I'm glad to see it reach this point if for no other reason than it's no longer a catastrophic mess. Hopefully, this is the start of something great for Kojima, and while he'll be coming in without a lot of big name IP, he'll have his own name, and some great possibilities.

We all know the disaster that followed when Guillermo del Toro got involved and the whole project shut down around both him and Kojima. Now, with Kojima quite clearly in charge, perhaps del Toro would come back despite his plans to depart gaming forever. It's a whole different matter when someone like Kojima's running the show. Maybe Kojima could even revive, to some extent, PT; clearly Konami has no use for it, and considering the audience support it had, it might well make a splash now.

While the future is up in the air for Kojima and his new studio, at least somewhat, the future does seem a little brighter without the albatross that is Konami around his neck. Always good to see a creative genius like that able to work properly, assuming he can get some funding behind him.

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