The Easiest Way to be a WWE Wrestler Ever

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The Easiest Way to be a WWE Wrestler Ever

Have you ever harbored secret fantasies of being a WWE wrestler? If you have, you're likely not alone, but the thought of bulking up to that degree and learning that much about stunt work and drama likely puts it out of the picture for most of us. At least, until WWE 2K16, which allows you to physically, literally, insert yourself into the game...if only your face.

WWE 2K16 comes with a Creation Studio app that allows users to take a picture of themselves and insert that picture into a game to use on a wrestler template. A logo capture function allows for the introduction of things like specific billboards, show logos, tattoos, arena decals and more. All users will need is an Android or iOS device--Windows and other users seem to be out of the loop on this one--and users can adjust the picture for a variety of factors from there. A set of instructions is also on hand at the WWE 2K16 website for those unclear of how to handle the app.

While this isn't exactly great news, it's still good news. It provides a means to personalize the game, and that helps users draw a greater connection to it. That only holds true, though, if the rest of the game can deliver in terms of quality. While there's some hate for this game out there--one player described it as playing " a drunken elephant trying to shag a hobbit"--the game currently holds a 3.9 out of five on, based on 42 reviews. The PlayStation 4 version, meanwhile, is running 3.5 out of five based on 113 reviews. That suggests that there are more than enough gamers who find this game solid enough to make a cosmetic change a welcome boost instead of a pointless gimmick designed to distract users from a sub-par title. It's easy for a "put your face in the game" app to be just that, but if the game is solid enough at its base--and the ratings suggest as much--then it's much less likely to be a distraction tool.

So players who've always wanted to be wrestlers will get that much closer to realizing the dream, and in the end, isn't that exactly what gaming--indeed, what most media--is all about? Whether it's being a space marine, a space pirate, or a golf pro, games allow us to enjoy those experiences without the necessary training, practice and skill to do so.

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