An Early Look at Dying Light's New Expansion

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An Early Look at Dying Light's New Expansion

While Dying Light was one of those games you can take or leave--at least, as far as I was concerned it was--the upcoming expansion is looking pretty sharp. Out at IGN they had an early look at the new expansion, "The Following", and while it looks fairly similar to the last go-round, it's got enough new to it to catch some eyes.

Crawling around sewers, through jungles and caves, all of this provides a sort of sense of size to things. Word is that this game is actually the same size as the original game, so there won't be any "Horse Armor" regrets with DLC here. It will even come with a new difficulty mode that's got a little extra juice in it, titled appropriately enough, Nightmare Mode.

The plot looks interesting enough, which is good, and when coupled with the size of the game, the good news for Dying Light fans is that this should be more of the same, and that's good news. I personally was less than enthusiastic about Dying Light; while I liked the zombies, and the combat, I didn't care a fig about the parkour, and the night sequences were all but unplayable thanks to the thickness of the dark. Maybe I had the color settings wrong, but all I knew was that I wasn't seeing very well at night, and not being able to see ramped-up zombies was even worse.

Still, it looks like good news going into "The Following," and those who played--and enjoyed--Dying Light should be very happy with this one in the end.

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