Final Fantasy XV Difficulty A New Twist

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Final Fantasy XV Difficulty A New Twist

Final Fantasy games have long been known for changing things, such that sequels seldom looked much like their predecessors. The difference between Seven and Eight was about the same as the difference between Eight and Nine, just for an example. Final Fantasy XV, meanwhile, will likewise have a new twist to it: difficulty that can be changed almost on the fly depending on how you fight.

It's all about the battle modes, said designer Takizawa Masashi. Masashi noted that switching between different battle modes was essentially the same as changing difficulty levels, with action gamers given the ability to come out swinging, but those who preferred a slower-paced affair could engage in that kind of slower combat to taste.

That's novel, and in a series that's pretty much been defined by its novelty--for better or for worse--to pull off something particularly unique is not only unusual, it's also noteworthy. That's welcome, and everything I've seen about this game so far suggests that it's going to be a real winner.

I'm personally looking forward to this in a way that I haven't looked forward to a Final Fantasy title in quite a while, and when this sucker hits, it could be a real winner. One thing's for sure, this is something different, and in a series that is largely known for its novelty, that's a proposition that should mean a winner afoot.

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