Homefront: The Revolution Release Tipped For Release

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Homefront: The Revolution Release Tipped For Release

The open world gaming revolution carries on in earnest, and new titles like Homefront: The Revolution are slated to hit and give us more to enjoy. A new tip has emerged about a potential release date for this title, and those interested may get it sooner than expected.

The new word came in from Target, of all places, who had set out $1 reservation cards, a kind of pre-order system with a minimal deposit that keeps a copy reserved in advance. This card, in turn, actually lists the game's release date in two separate spots: once just above the graphic, and a second time near the bottom of the card. It also informs buyers that those putting down the dollar get a free $5 gift card with purchase of card and game.

The date on the card, meanwhile, was May 17.

This is actually not too far off from what was heard previously, so the idea of a May rollout isn't out of line. Naturally, anything could happen between here and there--we've already seen some titles land delays--but it's hard to believe that Target would release reservation dates, complete with cards, for an erroneous date. Target doesn't need another black eye after that data breach business back last Christmas, and this would be if nothing else a lesser one.

Only time will tell, not to mention official word from Deep Silver, if this is the case. Still, we may be getting some open-world revolutionary fun soon enough, and that's welcome news by any stretch.

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