Things The Division Won't Have at Launch

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Things The Division Won't Have at Launch

There's some bad news afoot for those who are looking forward to March for reasons other than the likely end of "arctic air" events; new reports suggest that there will be a few things not arriving in The Division when it launches. While there should be more than enough to keep gamers happy for some time, the losses will no doubt be felt.

First thing that won't be arriving? Brooklyn. Yes, one of New York's favorite boroughs won't be making an appearance in the beginning of the game. While it hasn't been left off the table for good--some reports suggest a possibility of heading to former Dodgers territory for a DLC pack--the game will be focusing on midtown Manhattan. The reason? Fairly simple; since the city has been hit by its viral incursion, players are basically left on foot in a one-to-one recreation of the city. Thus, walking to Brooklyn from Manhattan is a process that could take a lot of time, and allowed The Division to instead focus on Manhattan to an impressive degree. So sadly, that also puts the kibosh on trips to the Bronx, Staten Island, Queens or even a quick jaunt into Jersey.

Also out at the launch will be player swapping. Players will not have the ability to buy and sell items at launch, despite discussions about having such a system in place. The game's creative director Julian Gerighty noted that, as is generally the case with games, some features make it and some features don't. This was just a feature that didn't.

So are gamers in a bad position thanks to these losses? No, not really. The good news is that this should still be a very substantial game with plenty of places to see and go to and plenty of things to do while there. Even with essentially one borough on hand and virtually no chance to climb to the top of the Statue of Liberty, we're still likely in for a rich and varied gameplay experience. Of course, this is also a problem for the game, as it's going up against a whole lot of competition.

The Division is likely still to be an experience with a lot going on for it, and I'm very much looking forward to it myself. We won't have much longer to wait either way, and a new major open-world experience should be on hand in short order, even if not quite as big as we'd hoped it to be.

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