What Delayed Scalebound?

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What Delayed Scalebound?

For those looking forward to Scalebound like I was, there's some bad news afoot, as the plans to release the title in 2016 have gone up in smoke. Word from Platinum Games says that the title is going to take a bit longer than expected, and it should now make its appearance in 2017.

Essentially, the concept is simple; Scalebound wants more time to add all the critical features it wants to bring to the table. The company cited "innovative features" and "thrilling gameplay experiences," though these are the kinds of things that gaming companies always suggest are on hand.

Scalebound won't be keeping things under wraps for 2016, though; reports suggest that the studio's planning to drop fresh information about Scalebound over the course of the year. Given that we really only saw this game emerge starting at last year's E3, a little delay isn't all that out of line. In fact, it's actually kind of good news, in a way. After all, going from announcement to launch in a year and a half might be a bridge too far for most anyone. Taking that extra bit of time to make sure all the t's are dotted and the i's are crossed, so to speak, should prove a valuable development. Granted, we all would have liked to see the earlier release date, but a little delay might put some shine on the chrome and give us a better overall experience.

So take the word of this delay with a little bit of a light heart. It's good news, and news we can all get behind. The end result should be a better game, and that's a worthwhile reason to make a delay.

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