Xbox One System Update Puts New Focus on Social

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Xbox One System Update Puts New Focus on Social

A new year, a new system update; granted, we're about three weeks into the new year, but it's soon enough for a fresh system update for the Xbox One. So what's inside this exciting new system update? A big chunk of social development, reports say.

With the new update, reports note, users will be able to check on the contents of a party before joining it, to see if any names look familiar. Additions to the Achievements section include a new leaderboard for Gamerscore figures, which will allow users to show off just how big a Gamerscore they have against that of their friends. Pins on the Home screen can be rearranged, and the pins can even be launched offline.

The activity feed gets an update, as does a new ability to more readily join a Twitch broadcast in progress. Game Hubs can launch Twitch in preview now. Suggested Friends listings get an upgrade, and there's even new access to the Avatar Store.

Nothing particularly earth-shattering comes from this update, from the look of it, but the update is sufficiently substantial that it should prove welcome. There's quite a bit in here, even if none of it is particularly big. A lot of little things can often add up to make for one big, exciting new experience, and that seems to be what's on hand here.

While many may not find much to like about this update, there's nothing really unpleasant here. So in the end, some will like it, and most that don't shouldn't feel any particular way about it, which makes it a good addition overall.

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