Doom Campaign to Offer 13 Hours of Mayhem, Give or Take

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Doom Campaign to Offer 13 Hours of Mayhem, Give or Take

While the word around Doom has been fairly light of late, we've finally got a look at the main campaign, and it's good news for anyone who wanted to spend a lot of time blasting heavily-armed nightmares and stomping the skulls of same, assuming such things have skulls. The main campaign will take 13 hours or so, give or take, and that means plenty of time with buckshot and bullets alike.

The word came from the official Doom Twitter page, noting that, while the difficulty level would play a role in things, most of the players at the office were clearing the campaign, start to finish, in around 13 hours of gameplay.

That's not bad, but nothing particularly great, either. Thankfully, there's also plenty of word about modification options and multiplayer modes, and that will certainly help matters. By like token, however, this is a pretty short experience, and that could have a negative impact on sales as gamers decide they'll be better off renting the game for a weekend's blasting fun than they will be actually shelling out the $60 or so necessary for a 13 hour experience. That's a little less than $5 an hour, which may not sit well with players.

Indeed, a lot of the Doom game is probably going to be multiplayer in nature, and more and more, we're seeing games take the focus off campaigns and instead go the multiplayer route. Some gamers might enjoy the abbreviated single-player campaign; after all, a lot of gamers don't have much time to game these days, and so being able to pull a short hop or two when time allows isn't so bad a notion.

I can see this going well, in the end, especially if there's some DLC involved down the line. I can also see this taking a sales hit due to lower perceived value. Only its release will tell us for sure, but I'd count on this selling pretty well in the end. It's Doom, after all.

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