Finally, What's In Fallout 4's Season Pass

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Finally, What's In Fallout 4's Season Pass

It's hard to believe, but Fallout 4 has been out for nearly three months now, and for most of that time, we heard very little about what would be coming our way in the upcoming DLC packs. It got to the point where people started to wonder if this was even a worthwhile purchase after all. New word has finally launched from Bethesda, and the word of the day seems to be "value." Because by every available report, dropping $30 on that season pass will be a fantastic move.

Three new add-ons will come available, starting in March, and will provide a range of options from cosmetic to new stories. First, the Automatron DLC will pit you against Fallout 3 delusional loonie the Mechanist, who has sent a host of evil robots into the Commonwealth including the familiar if seldom seen these days Robobrain. Us players, meanwhile, will be tasked with hunting down said robots and even building our own, complete with a host of hundreds of different mods. It will sell separately for $10.

The second is Wasteland Workshop, an add on that allows users to set traps in the grandest Scooby-Doo fashion. Users can then tame the critters in question and use them in fights. This one comes in April for $5.

Finally, Far Harbor represents the biggest addition, and offers a new land mass to explore. It provides a new case for the Valentine Detective Agency, and naturally, you'll be the one handling this one, with or without everyone favorite prototype synth detective. New quests, settlements, dungeons and even some brand-new hardware will be on hand, so before this arrives in May for $25 if purchased separately, it'd be a good time to tool up and get yourself nice and highly leveled.

So combined, it's $40 worth of DLC for $30, and that's a good deal by any stretch. The Creation Kit, meanwhile--the thing that gives everyone access to the mods--is still undergoing testing, so that's worth noting.

Those interested will want to get in early, as starting March 1, the price goes up to $50 for the season pass, a point which is alarming to me. After March 1, who would buy a season pass anyway? Buying the DLC separately would actually cost $10 less, unless there's more to come after this. That's an interesting notion; just how much more DLC is there after Far Harbor hits? What kind of impact is this having on the development for Elder Scrolls 6? There's a lot to consider here, but either way, we should have a lot of very happy gamers in very short order, ready to binge on Fallout 4 content like no tomorrow.

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