The Division Beta Gets Extension Thanks to Sheer Demand

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The Division Beta Gets Extension Thanks to Sheer Demand

Turns out that the beta for The Division was a popular affair. A really popular affair. So popular, in fact, that the closed beta has been extended until tomorrow to allow those who would have gotten in a chance so to do.

Ubisoft's community manager Natchai Stappers noted that there was " incredible amount of excitement," sufficiently so that plenty of players signed up on the waitlist for a shot at the beta. Naturally, Ubisoft couldn't let everyone in at the same time--that would have probably killed the servers--but in the end, Ubisoft realized it had to let some more in or risk losing buzz.

So with that, the beta was extended until tomorrow at six AM Eastern, so those wanting in should move, and quickly.

Early word says the combat is top-notch, and given how much of this game was about combat, that's good news. It's clear this game is not about to fumble its bread and butter. With a host of apartments and other buildings on hand to search, the news is quite good. Players are hoping for a bit more depth, which isn't surprising for a game still in beta, but there's room enough to add some material on ahead of launch. Hoped-for elements include things like a crafting system, which would be nice given the opportunities to find things. Chances are it won't be so robust as Fallout 4's crafting system, assuming it actually gets in at all, but it would be exciting to really ratchet up the modifications. Being a Tom Clancy property and all, it's not likely to have laser weapons or weapons like Fallout's Junk Jet, but there could be some room to have some fun with improved springs, better magazines and the like.

Given that launch is now about five weeks out, it's not exactly a long wait by any stretch. Still, it'll be a long five weeks for those on the waitlist who were hoping to have a shot with the latest open world spectacle to hit the market.

The fact that the closed beta is generating this kind of buzz, though, is one to take note of. If this is the rush to get in to the half-finished version, imagine what the rush to get in on the finished product will be like. This could be a big seller for Ubisoft, and we'll have five weeks to see just how it turns out.

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