The Division Beta Packed in the Crowds

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The Division Beta Packed in the Crowds

Exciting news came from Ubisoft recently about the beta session for The Division; while the game itself is about another two weeks off release, the beta was extremely well-traveled, and there's a very good chance that this will be a million-seller to say the least.

The good news about the beta for The Division was the sheer crowd involved; if even five out of six players can't stand what they played and mean to stay out altogether, that's still a million copies that will get sold. Yes, The Division's beta round saw better than six million players step in to play as agents in the Dark Zone of Manhattan, roaming the largely-intact wasteland.

Ubisoft claimed, reports noted, that this was the largest beta for a franchise the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 had ever seen, which actually wasn't any too difficult given that there haven't been all that many colossal betas out there.

Other interesting facts: as it turns out, right around half of the beta players turned rogue in their time in the Dark Zone, which is an exciting notion; you'll have just about as many rogues as you will actual agents, which means plenty of bounties to hunt, so to speak, as there are bounties to make.

This is good news for The Division players as well; a large quantity of games sold likely means DLC to follow, which in turn means more reason to enjoy the game the farther on we go. Good signs all around, and the makings of some very exciting signs to come.

It'll still be a while before we see how this all turns out, but there's likely plenty of players eager to get in on the action. I'm certainly one of them, and based on the early numbers, those of us eager to get started will be in good company.

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