A Big Event for Deep Silver at E3 2016?

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A Big Event for Deep Silver at E3 2016?

While we've heard a lot about E3 2016 lately, it's usually been in terms of who's not coming. One new addition to the lineup of who's actually showing up at the big show is Deep Silver, who's planning to have a big presence on hand but also planning to show off some exciting new material.

Granted, we haven't heard much out of Deep Silver lately, so the potential for most anything could be on hand. We haven't seen a Metro release from them in some time, and the last time they had anything to say about Saints Row was when the re-release of Saints Row IV came out along with the DLC and the Gat Out of Hell expansion pack.

However, the dark horse of the event was a little thing called Dead Island 2, the last word of which we saw out of E3 2014. For a while, this game had gone pretty much doggo, with some even suggesting it was dead outright. However, some game release listings insisted that the second half of 2016 was still the target release date, and now, it may well be that that's about to come to pass.

Deep Silver's CEO went on point and noted that a "major announcement" would be on hand at E3. It wasn't a one-shot deal, either, as Deep Silver had "a lot of games in the pipeline" and the whole company was "very much looking forward to E3."

With three years since Saints Row and almost three years since Metro, and Dead Island 2 formerly thought dead, there's room enough for just about any Earth-shaking word to come out of this process. Call it an outside chance, but all three of these might show up in one form or another at the big event. Frankly, Deep Silver could use a few more successes. While Homefront: The Revolution is likely to be a winner for the company, it will be the first big game we'd hear about from the company since, in many ways Ryse: Son of Rome.

It'll be a while before we hear what this big announcement is, though a 2016 release for Dead Island 2 would be one of the highlights of the show for me.

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