A Third Round of Two Worlds?

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A Third Round of Two Worlds?

Two Worlds was, depending on who you talk to, an underappreciated gem or a colossal waste of time. The second Two Worlds, meanwhile, was somewhat better received. With this pair of examples in play, it's easy to see why a third wouldn't be out of line, and this title may be ready to break into the next generation console market fairly soon.

The report from Topware Interactive says that Two Worlds III is currently undergoing development for a future release. What's more, last-generation title Two Worlds II will be getting not only new content--fresh DLC--for a game that turned five years old about two months ago. What's more, there will even be an upgrade to the Two Worlds II engine described as "major."

Development is expected to run about three years, though the new DLC will take nowhere near that long as the first installment, Call of the Tenebrae, will be out before the third quarter of 2016 strikes.

Here's the problem, though. Some early projections have suggested that the next generation of console gaming--what comes after the Xbox One and PlayStation 4--may start as soon as 2020. That's going to put some serious pressure on a game with a 36 month development cycle to get out even before the next generation of consoles shoves this almost automatically to the back burner. Of course, if the projections are wrong and this generation holds out a bit longer, or the 36 month projection turns out to be pessimistic and the game is finished ahead of that, it could well make it under the wire. Even then, there's a clear possibility that it could still get some recognition as one of the last releases for the Xbox One. Development will always be necessary even after the next generation arises; we're still seeing Xbox 360 releases coming out, and some are still slated for release up through this year with titles like "Four Sided Fantasy."

Still, the game is cutting it awfully close, and may well have a fight on its hands to get attention if the next generation fires up in earnest as projected. The sooner it releases the better, and not just for the Two Worlds fans.

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