Brace Yourself for GTA 6

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Brace Yourself for GTA 6

Yes, it's true, at least at last report; Grand Theft Auto 6 has already started development, and we're poised to get another round of ultra-violent criminal action on the streets of yet another new and interesting location.

Interestingly, this comes out at the same time as reports that there was one target in mind for the Grand Theft Auto series, and that was Tokyo. The plan was scuttled, ultimately, because the city streets of Tokyo were entirely too narrow for a proper staging of GTA. Had it gone to plan, however, it might ultimately have replaced Vice City, or just came out alongside it.

Given that GTA 5 has been available for the last two years, it's not surprising to hear that GTA 6 is in development. It was clear the sales figures would support another launch, and so development likely began in short order after the launch of GTA 5. That means that development's been in progress for a good chunk of the interim. Throw in the recent development that Take-Two Interactive--the publisher of the GTA series--plans to be at this year's E3 conference "in a big way," and that might well mean some launch footage and maybe even a release date.

While it might be a bridge too far for them to announce a launch date--unless it's 2017 or later--we might at least see some advance footage. We could well be closer to a new round of Grand Theft Auto than ever, the first truly next-generation release of same to hit.

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