Fallout 4's First DLC Trailer, Automatron, Emerges

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Fallout 4's First DLC Trailer, Automatron, Emerges

A big day recently as not only did we get a look at the first new content for Fallout 4 for some time thanks to the release of the first downloadable content (DLC) trailer, Automatron. It also brought out a release date of March 22, so we'll have a chance to play this sooner than expected.

This trailer brought some rather exciting concepts forward; while it's well-known that part of Automatron ensures we'll be able to play some good old-fashioned robot construction games, it also looks like we'll have a good solid storyline in play as our old friend the Mechanist returns.

After watching the trailer, all I could think was that this was the old spirit of Fallout come back, a game with a definitive ending, but one that could carry on even afterward, just like the older games. When I took down Ashur in The Pitt or the Think Tank in Old World Blues, I got not only a satisfying ending, but I could carry on after that. That was one of the biggest problems of Fallout 4; the lack of that definitive ending point. The story never really ended, it just kind of stopped while I went around doing whatever. That's all right, but we still need that definitive ending to cap off the main plot. It's a simple matter of closure, and one that Fallout: New Vegas did an impressive job with.

Considering that we've got a lot of DLC yet to come--some suggest there will be more beyond the initial three planned, and that's before the mods get involved--we're likely to see a little more closure here. That's good news. I'm eager to see just what kind of impact each faction had on the region when and if it won, and that was something I didn't get much of so far. We've got quite a ways to go yet, and hopefully there will be fun enough to spare as we look forward to Elder Scrolls 6.

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