Good Old Games Adds 2K's Lineup

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Good Old Games Adds 2K's Lineup

One of the very few games that I actually still play from the original Xbox era is Sid Meier's Pirates. It's a fun little title, full of cruising around the Caribbean, blasting ships, fighting captains, engaging in political intrigue and more. It's now part of the lineup at Good Old Games, and it's joined by a host of other games from 2K.

On hand are several X-COM titles, in a complete classic bundle including titles like Terror from the Deep, UFO Defense, Interceptor, Apocalypse and Enforcer. That's a fine start, but Railroad Tycoon 2 and 3 are on hand, and bundled with Sid Meier's Railroads as well. My old favorite Pirates is on hand, as is both Freedom Force and Freedom Force: The 3rd Reich.

That's no small addition, and many of these are excellent titles, especially given that a new X-COM title came out not so long ago in X-COM 2. People would likely want a look at some of the titles that came before this one, and Good Old Games has managed to bring many of them under one roof and in one bundle.

There's a lot to be said for retro games, mainly that there's a clear possibility to land a whole new market on games that already exist, allowing game makers to basically double dip. The huge interest in backward compatibility on Xbox One has demonstrated that point clearly, and triple-A developers--indie developers too--could certainly use access to a new market for currently existing material.

It will be interesting to hear any sales data that comes out of Good Old Games on this one, just to see if the market values the older games in the same way that some might expect.

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