The Division Gets One Major Leak Thanks to its File Structure

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The Division Gets One Major Leak Thanks to its File Structure

While there are still plenty of questions to answer when it comes to The Division--it's coming out tomorrow, in fact--a closer look at the game's files shows just where this game is going. It's going into some very big places, and those who get in on the action should have a lot to look forward to.

A Redditor who took a fine-toothed comb to the game's files over a 21-hour period revealed that there was a lot going on under the surface, noting that the game itself would start with at least 26 missions immediately. That's no small quantity of missions, but that was just the start. Also contained in the data mining's results was information about missions set in Brooklyn, a development that some will be more than happy to see come to pass.

Better yet, there will be some other material that might show up in the game, including vehicles like waterplanes and a helicopter that may come with a machine gun, along with a slate of 139 weapons, not counting modifications therein.

Naturally, all of this couldn't be much less official than it actually is, and that means any of this could be changed or never actually hit. Still, if we get enough half of this load, we should be in excellent shape overall. We all knew going in this was likely to be one of 2016's biggest releases, and absolutely nothing we've seen so far should disabuse anyone of that notion.

This should be big, and I'm looking forward to this the way I looked forward to Fallout 4, only less often.

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