The Rumors of a New Alan Wake Game are Greatly Exaggerated

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The Rumors of a New Alan Wake Game are Greatly Exaggerated

The notion of a new Alan Wake game likely left fans of third-person action horror gaming--like myself--very happy indeed. That notion, sadly, was quite dashed as recent reports from Remedy revealed that what many thought was a new Alan Wake game was something completely different.

The hopes began to build with the revelation of "Alan Wake's Return," a trademark spotted just last month. That made many think a new Alan Wake game was in the making--why register a trademark for something that won't be used?--but that wasn't the case at all, as publisher Remedy revealed.

What "Alan Wake's Return" actually represented, reports noted, was an in-game live-action video series featuring Sam Lake. Sam Lake was Remedy's creative director, and so it was really just a matter of getting creative ducks in a row.

Though admittedly, Lake didn't kill the hope of new Alan Wake altogether, noting that the company was "exploring possibilities" and "concepting different things," which is approximately weaselspeak for "we have pretty much nothing and that's likely to continue for the foreseeable future."

This is, of course, a shame. Alan Wake was some seriously fun stuff, a wonderful game with an exciting new dynamic, and how often did we get what amounted to a Stephen King video game? Not often, that's how often, and that slice of innovation in a field of familiar was glorious. However, the idea that that particular bit of intellectual property isn't quite dead yet is a welcome bit of news.

So hopefully before too much longer, we'll see a fresh round of innovative action horror gaming before long with that Alan Wake brand all over it.

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