Cuphead Makes a Reappearance at PAX East

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Cuphead Makes a Reappearance at PAX East

With PAX East 2016 now concluded, some exciting news has emerged from the event. One of the biggest such events was the resurgence of Cuphead, which we originally saw last year at E3. This old-school--on several fronts--action shooter has gained some new ground with PAX East, and the new changes make this one just as exciting as ever.

Reports suggest that this is still the year for Cuphead's release, though it's not immediately clear if it can hold to that. The new footage revealed at PAX East says that it should be a pretty impressive piece of work, with new bosses--like a giant bird armored by a birdhouse, who uses as a main weapon smaller birds with nails attached to them. Flower bosses chuck pods and seeds, giant blue balls bounce on screen and turn into huge gravestones, and that's not the end, rather mostly a beginning.

The new bosses are a start, and there are new game mechanics on hand. There's a newly added easy mode, a development that will likely prove helpful in the midst of a bullet-ridden landscape. Plus, the difficulty will automatically adjust based on whether a player is playing co-op or as a single player. There's even a new shop system where users can buy special upgrades like extra hit points and the like.

The bad news here is that Cuphead's fate is still unclear. The release date is measured in terms of "eventually", and that's going to make it tough to draw interest. However, with E3 2016 a little over a month and a half off, that's a great opportunity to bring out a concrete release date. It's going to have a lot of people paying attention--the video so far is impressive as all get out--but Cuphead needs to be a lot clearer to hold the ground gained so far.

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