Fox News' Andy Levy's Problems With The Division

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Fox News' Andy Levy's Problems With The Division

Normally, when a host on a news channel gets his or her dander up about a video game, it's a disaster for gamers. Cries of violence, of adult situations, or a host of other problems can emerge and potentially change what's available on the market or even make it tougher to find games altogether. That may have caused a few eyes to roll when Fox News' Andy Levy took on The Division...though the reasons may have been of the most outlandish sort.

More specifically, Levy noted--during a segment about skills for 18 year olds on Fox News' Red Eye program--that being able to level up one's character in The Division was among them. This one may have been a joke, but Levy took it to an unexpected new level, noting that players should be able to level up a character in The Division, "...despite the way Massive nerfed the crafting system and allows packs of super-geared rogues to gank you in the Dark Zone." Levy then wrapped up this short impromptu screed by spitting "Thanks a lot, jerks." at the camera.

It was the kind of thing that made most everyone blink at least once in shock; a segment about skills for 18 year olds that includes things like contributing to the running of a household, knowing how to manage money and knowing how to handle deadlines generally doesn't get much mention of video games. Even as this mention happened, it even less generally is followed up by color commentary on recent structural changes to the crafting program. The discovery that Andy Levy knew enough about the nerfing to have such a clear standpoint on it suggested that Levy enjoyed some Division play in his off-hours. When Fox News figures are playing in their spare time, you know gaming has gone a lot more mainstream than anyone may have figured.

You might agree with Levy, and you might not. The good news is he could bring such an opinion out and deliver it in a fashion that most can at least understand. It's nice to see video games get a mention on a major cable news network without it being followed by screams of indignation and calls for full-on Prohibition-style bans. So enjoy your game, Andy Levy; maybe I'll see you in the Dark Zone one of these days.

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