How About More PC Games Coming to Xbox One?

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How About More PC Games Coming to Xbox One?

Microsoft's recent moves to better integrate the Xbox One and the PC--as seen in moves like the Desktop App Converter and the ability to run Windows 10 on Xbox One--has left some concerned, and some optimistic. That led to Phil Spector recently stepping up to assure Xbox One players that all of their games would not also be available for PC. The only thing that came to mind when I heard that was, that's great, but what about the other way around?

There are a huge number of games available for PC players. Huge. For reference's sake, checking out the Steam homepage shows there are 206 products on sale this week. The Microsoft Spring Sale represented somewhere around 150 total deals, including a lot of DLC content and season pass version like the Just Cause 3 XL Edition. I know that some games wouldn't be immediately translatable thanks to issues of control or graphics or the like, but I know full well that the Steam Controller looks a lot like an Xbox One controller, so maybe we're not so far off as one would think.

Some titles are making the jump, at last report. Titles like Kerbal Space Program and H1Z1 are poised to arrive on Xbox One fairly soon, and that's good news. There are still a whole lot of other titles that could make the leap, and it'd be great to see these actually arrive. Xbox One titles are still a little on the sparse side--that's been changing quite a bit in recent months, but it's still a bit light--and moving the PC titles over would be a downright coup.

There have been some problems with this; developers and gamers alike have been alienated by Microsoft's PC push before. However, if Microsoft could open the gates both ways, and make sure the gamers get their choice of platform with all the games therein, they'd make a super-system the likes of which Sony may never be able to outgun.

Only time will tell, naturally, just how this all plays out. But for right now, we may be looking at an era where there's a lot more to play on Xbox than we've ever had access to before.

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