Insomniac Games Prepares VR Slate of Games

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Insomniac Games Prepares VR Slate of Games

We all knew by now that virtual reality was going to be a major development in the gaming market, but it was hard to forecast just how much development would go into the field. New word from Insomniac Games says at least three titles will be on the way, as the company announced a pair of them recently.

The first new title featured was Feral Rites, which was described as a "VR adventure brawler" that sets you out to avenge your father's death. You'll be on an island, complete with temples and jungles, and you'll be able to transform into a beast form to face down the dangerous you'll encounter while on the island. Feral Rites is set for release in the third quarter of this year.

The second new announcement was The Unspoken, a game that allows users to summon "ghastly monstrousities" and "manipulate the environment" in a bid to win points and gain ground as part of an "urban magic fight club." Users can get hands on this one in November 2016.

The third--rather, the first game announced before either of these--is Edge of Nowhere, a game that sends you out to Antartica, where you'll be pursuing Lovecraftian horrors in the great white wastes. This one will be out first, hitting the Oculus Store on June 6.

The great part about this lineup of three is that it demonstrates just how far this concept can go. There are so many possibilities here--we've gone from fighting on an island to taking on unnamable horrors in the wastes of Antarctica to summoning ghosts in the big city--that we may well be able to see just about anything come to life on this program. That means an incredible depth of potential titles coming out here. Most any first-person concept already seen can be brought into play here, and most anything that can be set into it can be also. This is great news. Insomniac's lineup is demonstrating spectacular potential with just three titles.

This is just the start. We've got plenty of great stuff to come, and with just three titles, we're seeing the fullest range of possibility. It's going to be a great time to be a gamer in short order.

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