The Doom Open Beta: What to Watch For

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The Doom Open Beta: What to Watch For

You've got to hand it to Bethesda; even when it's working with old ID Software properties, it's still getting the most out of them. Now, with the remake of Doom just a few weeks off, the game's open beta is about to arrive, and the word about what all will be found therein is likewise on hand.

First off, the best news is that there will be little restriction when it comes to this beta. It's poised to run April 15 - 17, and since it's an open beta, everyone can get in. No codes, no pre-order, no advanced purchase.

Of course, since it's a beta, only some features will be on hand. Both Heatwave and Infernal maps will be up, and users will have the choice of 6v6 Team Deathmatch and Warpath play. The demon of choice will be a revenant, and users will have a sound lineup of armaments from which to choice. On hand will be classics like the Rocket Launcher, the Super Shotgun, the Plasma Rifle and the Heavy Assault Rifle, as well as some less-recognizable names like the Vortex Rifle, the Static Rifle and the Lightning Gun. The Gauss Cannon will be on hand, along with Frag Grenades, Siphon Grenades, and the Personal Teleporter system.

A fairly decent opening move for Bethesda et al, and one that should keep the users happy and excited for the new release. There was even recent word about the game's post-launch downloadable content, which will feature more maps, weapons and the like.

While Doom will have a story mode, it seems like the big draw here will be its multiplayer content. This poses a noteworthy point, as much of Bethesda's past lineup has been much heavier on story-driven content. It will be interesting to see if this ultimately becomes Bethesda's answer to Call of Duty or Battlefield, which it might well. The growth of esports  in recent months might well mean an opportunity for more fodder in the field, and a chance at giving Bethesda a shot at some of that potential revenue.

Doom's coming out soon enough, though, so we should see how this all works out one way or another before too much longer. A lot of possibilities follow this game into the field, and seeing just which come to pass should be exciting.

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