What's coming to E3 2016? More Than You Might Think

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What's coming to E3 2016? More Than You Might Think

While there's been a lot of word coming out of late as to what--and who--won't be seen at E3 2016, there's some recent word about what will be. The good news is that there will be quite a bit making the rounds. So for those who thought that E3 2016 wouldn't be worth watching, there's good news afoot according to a recent report from IGN.

Sequels will be out in huge proportions at the big show; Call of Duty 2016 will be on hand, as will Final Fantasy XV and Forza. Crackdown 3, Dishonored 2, Gears of War 4 and FIFA 17 are all expected for arrival. It's not just sequels, of course; Below is expected, as is Dreams, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and ReCore. This lineup alone would make E3 noteworthy, particularly if you throw in the unannounced titles that commonly have a way of showing up at these events. Only one title so far is from Bethesda, and at last report, Bethesda was set to have an entire presentation on hand. Thus some new stuff will have to be announced, especially given that it's got plenty of time to fill. One title won't do.

Though Nintendo's presence will be light--so far, it's strictly Legend of Zelda--there's still going to be plenty from the remaining three major platforms. This is good news, naturally, as we'll be wanting to see a lot of exciting new titles coming out in short order. What we have a reasonably good idea about so far will be coming is quite welcome, and there will probably be a bounty of fresh titles to come.

Surprises at E3 events are par for the course. Word about Dead Island 2 is likely to hit the show, or potentially something else from Deep Silver. Most of Deep Silver's inventory is due for updates at some point, and E3 is the time to make note of it. What we'll see is mostly unclear for now, but with only a couple months until the big show hits--and leaks likely to hit before the show, as they commonly do--we'll find out in fairly rapid fashion.

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