4A Games Is Planning Something Big For E3

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4A Games Is Planning Something Big For E3

With E3 just a little under a month out, there's time to wonder what's coming up from all the big developers. There's also time to wonder what's coming up from the smaller developers, and 4A Games, the developer of Metro: Last Light, has something on its plate as well for the big show.

Most of the current wisdom suggests that it will be a follow up title, carrying on the Metro lineup. This mostly stems from reports that part of the development team noted in a post on Gameinator's forums that it was heading for the big event. The post has since been removed and replaced with an emoji, which isn't exactly a commitment, but as the old saying goes, nothing on the Internet is ever really deleted.

The down side here, of course, is that the Metro series wasn't exactly a big seller to begin with. So for 4A to be planning a new release of the Metro series isn't likely to make a splash. However, they may not be working on a new Metro release. There could be an entirely new piece of IP at work here, and that certainly wouldn't be unwelcome. They may well be sitting on the next Saints Row or the like, and certainly some originality would be welcome.

However, there are some reports from 2014 that talk about a "sandbox-style experience." This could be that game, in which case we'd be shedding light on a comparative mystery that's been in place for the better part of two years. We may well see an answer, and that answer could deliver some real value for the market.

E3's not too far away, so we should be getting an answer one way or another. This could be a fairly mundane entry in a sub-par series, or it could be the start of something very interesting.

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