FROM Software Gearing Up for New VR Entry

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FROM Software Gearing Up for New VR Entry

Unexpected news arrived from FROM Software, a company perhaps best known for its ultra-difficult Dark Souls series. It may have something new in mind to go for its best-known title, however, based on a new FROM Software recruitment video. And the new focus is virtual reality.

More specifically, the video discussed a new title that would be coming out in 2017, and notes that it will be compatible not only with PlayStation 4, but also Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation VR. That's an interesting distinction, and suggests that FROM Software could be working on something VR-based.

Lest some start wondering about a VR-based version, word from Hidetaka Miyazaki--FROM Software's president--says that there's no plan right now for "...any sequels, spin-offs or tie-ins." However, there's every possibility that this will be a refinement of old IP like the Armored Core mech combat series, or perhaps a completely new piece. Miyazaki recently noted that FROM Software was working on new IP, so there's every possibility that this could be something completely different.

It's kind of a shame that this isn't likely to be a Dark Souls game; one thing VR really needs right now is a "killer app", so to speak, and a Dark Souls VR title might well be that title. But it doesn't have to be; even an Armored Core title might do that job, and the idea of new IP stepping in is seldom unwelcome. If it's PlayStation VR compatible, it may also be compatible with the various PC-based VR platforms, which could provide some further augmentation.

We'll have to wait until 2017 to see just how it all goes down, but we could have something very exciting to come in fairly short order. We may even get a first look at it when E3 comes around in about a month and a half. FROM Software may have something exciting in the wings, and we'll see soon enough.

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