The Division's New Update is a (Character) Killer

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The Division's New Update is a (Character) Killer

Updates, for a lot of gamers, are a necessary evil. They take a lot of time, pull a lot of bandwidth, and generally seem to crop up right at the worst times. The Division's recent update was more than just an inconvenience, as it took out not only some non-player characters (NPCs), but it also took down some regular player characters as well.

The 1.2 update got reports from both Ubisoft forum users and Reddit users, and it's led to Ubisoft's Natchai Stappers to call for the usernames of those affected in a bid to find out just how far this goes. Worse, this isn't the first time The Division's been hit by bugs that caused vanishing characters. One such incident happened back in April, in fact, and was connected to a bad server. Several major glitches have happened, with some taking weeks to fix. One bug that started with users attempting to craft a high-end backpack caused players to be locked out of the game outright, and took nearly three weeks to fix.

There's no denying that The Division is a very expansive game, so expecting a certain amount of bugs is probably just good practice. I haven't had much chance to play the game--I'm only about level 10 or so--and I've seen how remarkable this game's scale is. There's a lot of ground to cover here, so for some things to end up a little on the shaky side really isn't so outlandish. It's good to see Ubisoft working so hard to fix it, and hopefully this latest bug will be fixed.

Though frankly, for those players who lost characters, there really needs to be some kind of compensation here. That's a big thing, even if it's only temporary, and needs to be addressed as such.

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