V-Moda Crossfade Headphones Review: Look as Sharp as They Sound

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V-Moda Crossfade Headphones Review: Look as Sharp as They Sound

Headphones are a valuable part of a gamer's arsenal. Sometimes you need to keep the sound down for the sake of everyone else around you, while others, all that stands between you and a really good game is the ability to talk the proper smack. For those who want really high-quality headphones, complete with an array of accessories, you'll want a look at the V-Moda Crossfade Wireless, a set of which our friends at the Max Borges Agency sent out for review.

Before I even start with the headphones, I have to say a word about the packaging. These were sent in what may have been the single most high-quality cardboard box I've ever seen on a product, sealed in part with studded faux-leather straps. No, seriously. This box features studded faux-leather, which the packaging refers to as "vegan" leather. That's almost ludicrously high-quality. Once you open this box, you'll then find a hard-sided container that zips open and shut. Inside that container wait the headphones, and an unusually high-quality audio experience.

With the headphones comes a built-in microphone, a wireless option for those who'd rather connect by Bluetooth--complete with an onboard lithium-ion battery that offers 12 hours of operation on one charge and the ability to recharge to full in just 100 minutes with a USB charging cable that appears to be covered in that same vegan leather--and a headband and ear cushions made with memory foam. Just to round it out, the headphones have been tested to military standards, specifically, MIL-STD-810G.

The sound coming out of these things is nothing short of breathtaking. I tried it with a range from spoken word audio to smooth jazz to death metal and the range of sound provided was crystal clear and shockingly sharp. For anyone looking for high-end audio, these may be just the headphones for you. The mic seemed to do its job nicely, and the extra functions skipped tracks and the like well. The headband and earcups were quite comfortable, though most will still want to follow basic guidelines in terms of how long these are kept on. Still, even for an hour or so, these will work wonders and provide some terrific sound in an almost shocking level of comfort.  Those interested in getting hands on a set of these can hit Amazon up for a pair, though they go for nearly $300 a set.

These are unbelievable headsets as they stand, and when you throw in the extras--boom mic, custom side panels, and more--it's potentially one of the greatest headphone systems around. It's priced like it too, so chances are users will find better value elsewhere. But for those willing to pay for the best, the best will likely be on hand here.

Pros: array of accessories for customization, incredible sound and comfort

Cons: enormous price tag

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