E3 2016: Friday the 13th Game Footage Emerges

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E3 2016: Friday the 13th Game Footage Emerges

Exciting new development as the Friday the 13th game gets that much closer to reality, as some new footage recently emerged showing us what it's going to be like at Camp Crystal Lake, and what we've got here is some very exciting content afoot.

The good news here is that not only will you get to play as one of the beleaguered camp counselors being pursued by the nigh-invulnerable killing machine that is Jason Voorhees, but you'll also get the opportunity to play as Jason Voorhees, nigh-invulnerable killing machine. As Jason, you'll do what Jason does best, roaming what I guess to be Camp Crystal Lake and putting down the various campers and camp counselors that show up in a bid to avenge his own long-ago drowning at the hands of a completely different set of negligent camp counselors.

The footage in question came from an alpha build, which means it's definitely unpolished and will almost certainly not look this way when it releases. Even the footage looks surprisingly like old-school VHS footage, a development which is particularly satisfying given that Friday the 13th got its start on VHS footage after its theatrical releases. You'll even get access to the kind of strange psuedo-teleportation ability that let Jason appear out of nowhere to attack his prey. Meanwhile, the sepulchral tones of Jason's mother will echo through his head, urging him on to further carnage. The counselors, meanwhile, will seek to dodge Jason with various ruses, including opened windows, backtracking, and other methods that may or may not actually work in the full version.

Speaking here as someone who enjoys horror film, the footage looks authentic on several levels.  If I were seeing real people doing these things, I would be convinced this was a lost installment of Friday the 13th. That's good news, and hopefully, we'll only see this get better until its release, which at last report was slated for sometime this year. I'm eager to get a crack at this one, and that's perhaps the best thing about this E3 so far: lots of great options.

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