E3 2016: The Disaster that was Bethesda's Show

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E3 2016: The Disaster that was Bethesda's Show

After the first-ever press conference for Bethesda at E3, in which a slate of games were introduced including the long-awaited Fallout 4, there was little doubt players were looking forward to the goodies that came out of Bethesda's show. Sadly, on many fronts, Bethesda did not deliver, and while it wasn't a complete loss, it's a safe bet no one will claim Bethesda won E3 this year.

The good news is that there were some noteworthy points out of the show. A remastered Skyrim, for example, was no longer a thing to be discussed but a new and exciting reality. Throw in the availability of console mods and that opened up floodgates on par with the best; we will soon have access to the huge array of new features and storylines developed by the user base, and that's great news for console gamers. Additionally, the first glimpse of Nuka World came in for Fallout 4, and looked like a whole new version of Bartertown as established by raiders in the Fallout universe, and for my money, that's absolutely good enough.

Sadly, that was about it for good news, as most of the rest of the show was a disasterpiece theater. A remake of Quake in the same style as Doom, a potential remake / sequel to Prey, a new look at the Dark Brotherhood add-on for The Elder Scrolls Online, and then a release trailer for Dishonored 2. So, yeah...remake, possible sequel, add-on, sequel...and then they ended it by handing out free T-shirts. See what I mean? Disaster. Epic-tier disaster. There is essentially no original content contained in this year's E3 show, and for a studio that made its name on original content, this couldn't have been much of a worse showing.

Still, given that it came after the first and best show it ever did, perhaps some went in expecting too much. It can't be all OC, all the time, and we may be witnessing the tide pulling back ahead of a big launch in 2017. There's still a lot of E3 left to go, and we'll be in for quite a time as more games emerge.

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