Getting Drunk on Gaming With Mortal Kombat Beer

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Getting Drunk on Gaming With Mortal Kombat Beer

There have been, over the years, a variety of unusual gaming tie-ins involving food and drink. From the bizarre to the mundane, from a Super Mario Bros cereal to perhaps one of the strangest new releases: a Mortal Kombat X-themed beer from Global Beverage Traders. With three kinds on hand so far, you'll be able to enjoy some of the best in Mortal Kombat characters with a brand new drink.

Coming in Sub-Zero Imperial IPA, Scorpion Imperial Stout, and Raiden Imperial Saison, the three brews have different characteristics depending on which you go with, representing their respective individual subclasses of beer. Each comes in 22-ounce bottles, and can be found online. The IPA is the strongest of the three at 8.5 percent alcohol by volume, but neither the stout nor the saison will disappoint at eight percent each. The IPA--an India Pale Ale--is called "refreshingly cooling", with a conflict between hops and malt. The saison focuses on hops and carbon dioxide, and the stout incorporates--get this--chilies and vanilla bean backed up by a unique yeast strain.

Beer and video games do commonly go well together--just ask any half-dozen college-age males--so bringing out a line of beers that has a clear video game connection is all but asking to be a part of the gaming fun. It's a bit sleazy, really; stamping MORTAL KOMBAT on the side of a beer bottle improves the beer not one whit, yet somehow tries to make itself more "for gamers".  I won't doubt that this will find a market, particularly if the beer behind the characters is any kind of decent. But by itself, it's a lower-tier marketing tactic. Hopefully the product quality can redeem it in the short term.

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