"Secret Stupid Legal Nonsense" Concludes, No Man's Sky Keeps Its Name

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"Secret Stupid Legal Nonsense" Concludes, No Man's Sky Keeps Its Name

The vagaries of the legal process aren't always clear to the average layman, whether by happenstance or by design. So when Hello Games noted that some "secret stupid legal nonsense" had finally been settled, all that most gamers would likely care about in the aftermath was that No Man's Sky would remain No Man's Sky.

Reports suggest that Hello Games had been hit by the British broadcasting company BSkyB, who had previously gone after Microsoft over use of the term "Skydrive." Following that encounter, Microsoft was left needing to change its products name to "Onedrive," so a company that can take on Microsoft and win is clearly a force to be reckoned with.

Hello Games, however, seems to have come out successfully on the other side. With the game already delayed to August--it was formerly expected out in June--it would have been easy to think the legal proceedings had something to do with that delay. That wasn't the case, however, as the company reiterated that No Man's Sky is an unimaginably vast game, unlike anything tried before, and so some delays should have been expected in the end.

Perhaps the most disturbing point of the lawsuit was the idea that BSkyB believed it owned the word "Sky," as noted by a Tweet from Sean Murray of Hello Games. Whether that was accurate or a comical exaggeration is unclear, but the end result remains. A game can retain its title in the face of a spectacularly litigious society. While the suit may seem like "secret stupid legal nonsense," at least it's secret stupid legal nonsense that ended well. And ends with a game of vast space exploration coming our way in short order.

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