Yantouch Eye Speaker Review: Brilliant in Sound and Color

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Yantouch Eye Speaker Review: Brilliant in Sound and Color

Anyone who's been reading my review work for a while knows that the greatest thing I can find in a product is versatility. I love it when something does more than one thing and does it well, and the Yantouch EyE is a terrific example of versatility in action. Yantouch sent a pair out for review, and these are going to really deliver on a variety of fronts.

The Yantouch Eye is a portable three-in-one speaker that comes complete with a light show mounted in its transparent outer rim. Those using a pair of these at the same time get what's called "True Wireless Stereo," meaning that the pair will consolidate into a left-and-right channel speaker effect. It uses Bluetooth for its wireless connectivity, and comes with not only a remote control but a complete mobile app. It charges with a USB cable, and there's even a velvet (or maybe velvet-esque, I'm not a hundred percent sure on fabric) pouch for carrying.

Using the speaker is simple enough; use the remote controls to activate it or just pull open the rear handle to activate the light. A headphone jack allows for easy connectivity to most any device, if the Bluetooth isn't handy. Those interested can pick them up at $99.99 each.

One thing that struck me right away about the Yantouch is how many options it boasted. Not only was there sound, there was also light, and all of it was controllable directly from its included remote. I cycled that thing through colors, through brightnesses, through cycles of change. I checked its battery capacity. I ramped it up to a brightness so full that looking directly at it was difficult, and then I shut it off. All from the remote. I would have liked controls on the device itself; after all, a system like this could make a pretty sharp flashlight in an emergency, and if there were controls on the unit, you could put it to work that way.

The range of sounds available here is likewise impressive; watching an extended play trailer for Horizon: Zero Dawn gave me access to the full range of non-musical sound, and showed me that it could handle most everything from hushed whisper to metallic roaring without incident. Shifting over to something harder, Lordi's Hard Rock Hallelujah went off without a hitch--and when turned up, could be heard comfortably through two closed doors, a sign of a potent speaker--and the move to the quieter stuff did likewise well. The upbeat East Lake from Adam Hawley went through nicely, and the speaker kept up well with the uptempo stuff, and checking in with Phil Sheeran's First Dance showed that the slower and calmer stuff could benefit from the infusion of bass that the Yantouch does with surprising aplomb.

It's hard not to like this speaker. One part speaker, one part desk lamp, one part USB-rechargeable emergency lighting, and all portable--though admittedly, you're going to need some pretty big hands to make this a hand-held model--it's too versatile not to like and too powerful not to put to use routinely. Whether you're listening to games, music, video or anything else, you should do just fine with this speaker.

Pros: Portable, versatile, excellent lighting

Cons: Maybe just a bit unwieldy, no controls for light levels on the unit itself


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