Stop Laughing: Konami Wants to Win Gamers' Trust Back

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Stop Laughing: Konami Wants to Win Gamers' Trust Back

It was easily one of the most hilariously sad moments of the 2016 presidential race, when Jeb Bush got up on stage at an event and, in mid-speech, stared out into the audience and mournfully requested that the audience "please clap." Recently, Konami got a look at just such a phenomenon as it took to Reddit and sought to "win gamers' trust back."

For those who remember the recent goings-on with Hideo Kojima, the pachinko scandal, the canceled games and plenty of other developments, Konami's plan to win back gamers' trust is about like thalidomide winning pregnant mothers' trust back. This led to Konami's social media manager heading over to Reddit in what has been, so far, a month-long campaign to help drive gamers back to Konami after a series of middle fingers directly to the gamer. So far, said manager--a gent named Ben--has been waging this war with the kind of dogged determination that almost makes you respect him out of sheer bravado, fielding complaints and answering pointed questions with all the poise of a master politician.

Ben's also tipped the hand on a few new developments, including some upcoming Metal Gear Solid titles, though admittedly that's about a big a surprise as saying that I have exclusive information that says the sun will come up tomorrow morning. This Metal Gear Solid, though, would be a product made without Hideo Kojima, a disturbing development to say the least. There's also word about a revamped Silent Hill, as the company is "reviewing the IP" and is out to "find a good fit." A little bit of doubletalk, perhaps, but the right things to say.

Still, the news that Konami is planning to revive all its oldest and dearest franchises is welcome, but that can't be all that's on the menu. EVen a brand new Silent Hill or Metal Gear Solid would have to be utterly spectacular to break the sheer negative inertia that Konami's built up. That's not to say Konami can't win gamers back, but it's spent so long doing everything it shouldn't that even doing everything it should for a good long while may not be enough. The first step to fixing a problem, however, is realizing there's a problem in the first place, and Konami has definitely realized that point.

Only time will tell if Konami can gain the trust of gamers back. I'm personally hoping that it can do the job; I liked Silent Hill as much as anyone else, and it'd be good to see it back in action. A Konami that actually cares about its customer base could be a major power in the field again.

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