We're Going to Nuka World!

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We're Going to Nuka World!

So after a nearly five gigabyte download, the installation of the final downloadable content (DLC) pack for Fallout 4, Nuka World, was in place. Now, join me on an exciting trip to the greatest amusement park the Commonwealth--and most of what's left of the country--has ever seen!

In going to Nuka World, I prepared as best I could, packing a handful of weapons and several thousand rounds of ammunition. Hoping to be a contrarian cuss, I tricked out the Vim power armor found at the Vim plant in Far Harbor. A T-51, it wasn't as good as my tricked-out X-01 armor, but it had that Vim paintjob that I was hoping would incense the locals so gravely that they'd demand my death in a firefight.

My immediate feeling was that this was an awful lot like The Pitt. From running into a gang of Gunners outside the Transit Center to my first meeting with Harvey, everything in here had my hackles up. Remembering that it's not really paranoia if they ARE out to get you, and remembering that I was in power armor and loaded with enough bang to conquer a small country, I marched on into the plot. Indeed, my paranoia was proven accurate, but so were my caveats about carrying a lot of bang. I strode boldly forth in the name of Vim and country and took on the worst the Nuka-Heads could offer.

Sadly, my affiliation with Vim went largely unnoticed. What I found instead was a great and joyous plotline in the making, callbacks to earlier games

played, even some callbacks to earlier games. Plus, there was plenty of fun to be had besides, and that was the best part. This was Bethesda at its best, a great story, fun side bits, and an experience that was worth playing. No stupid construction kits, just an exciting time with a prime plotline that had at least a couple different outcomes that I could see. The notion of taking over areas of the park, in the grandest Walt Disney World style, was another fun element, though based on what I've seen so far, there could have been more done with the plot, a common sticking point for Bethesda these days, it seems.

I was looking forward to concluding it, and that in itself was an exciting development. This is what Fallout 4 needed to be all along, just like with Far Harbor. Six pieces of DLC like this would have been enough to make up for a lot of ills, but when it comes to Bethesda games, I'll take what I can get. And man, was this one ever a winner. There were some spots that could have stood improvement, but there was no doubt that this one had a lot to like.

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