Coming Soon: The 2016 Game Awards

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Coming Soon: The 2016 Game Awards

Good news, folks; those looking forward to the Game Awards and the new game trailers that inevitably follow may now rest a bit easier knowing that the days of our wait have been numbered. The show goes live December 1, and we'll bring all the joy into play soon enough.

Those who remember last year's Game Awards know that we got plenty of exciting news. We got looks at Psychonauts 2, Far Cry Primal, Shadow Complex Remastered, and plenty of other titles of games both released and not yet so. Thus, this year is unlikely to prove different, and since so many games are eager to land an award at the event, there's every reason to bring a trailer to the Game Awards to get that little extra attention.

The Game Awards aren't the only awards show in town, of course; there's also the Game Developers Choice Awards and the DICE Awards, as well as major shows like Gamescom, PAX and E3. But the Game Awards are commonly the last of the year, and with the holiday shopping season going on in the midst of them, it's usually a good time to fuel interest, catch attention, and generally kick off the interest that will sustain the industry until we get to the next big event.

What's coming out this time? Well, that's not clear as yet. Could be the next Bioshock; after all, we'll be getting the Bioshock collection before too much longer; why not use that momentum going forward? How about the long-awaited and oft-delayed Dead Island 2? It was supposed to be released by the end of this year, but maybe it can get in on next year, using the Game Awards for a start point.

Regardless of what we actually see, it won't be long before we see it one way or another. With just under three months before the big show kicks off, there will be plenty of news between here and there. So settle in...the year isn't over yet.

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