I'm Not Happy About All The Remasters

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I'm Not Happy About All The Remasters

Recently, a trend seems to have developed that I'm not happy about. There have been many exciting games released lately, but some of the games are a little familiar. A little too familiar, in fact, and it's kicked off a trend that's left me more than a little dismayed. It's the trend of remastered games, and while it's not a bad thing, it's not exactly being executed well.

Recently, the story has been clear. The first three installments of Dead Rising--Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2, and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record--the first three installments of Bioshock, Destiny: The Collection coming up, Dead Island not so long ago...there are a lot of new collections gathered up and being brought out to gamers. While these are often graphically upgraded, and sometimes modified gameplay-wise, the point is that people are basically buying games they've already bought, and without any kind of consideration.

While there's value in a remastered game to be sure, and there's certainly value in several of them bundled together, I can't help but shake the feeling that there really needs to be some kind of discounting from previous purchases. If you've already bought the first three Dead Risings, why should you be expected to drop another $50 or so for a graphical upgrade? You already bought the games!

Of course, while such a discounting would be ideal, it's not exactly easy to do. How do you determine who's bought a copy? Can't go by active saves or previous installations; it's easy enough to get those from a rental game. Perhaps the bar codes on the back of the box? Those could be copied from a store display.

Still, it rubs me the wrong way that we're paying whole new retail prices for game collections that are often just cosmetic retrofits of games we've already bought, and in some cases more than once. It would be nice to get a way in there to accommodate our previous purchases, but from the look of it, the execution would just be too cumbersome to carry out.

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