I've Changed My Mind About Remasters

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I've Changed My Mind About Remasters

It wasn't so long ago when I was railing against remasters as being a bad value in gaming, and though I'm still not sold on the notion of paying again for a game I already paid for once, I discovered a couple things that are worth pointing out. Maybe remasters aren't such a bad idea, and here's why.

The biggest thing I missed was sheer nostalgia value. This is odd for me because I normally value nostalgia and routinely enjoy reminiscence. So when I tried to get a handle on the value by buying Dead Island Definitive Edition--which just came with Dead Island, and not Dead Island: Riptide or Dead Island: Retro Rampage--and playing it, I discovered that I missed this game, despite having not played it in years. I actually wanted to play this through again, and playing it on the Xbox One was indeed better. Why? That's the next thing.

The second biggest thing I missed was how much better the graphics are going to be when going from one console generation to another. Dead Island actually managed to look like a whole new game, which was a shock for me. I had the nostalgia value of an old game coupled onto an improvement in graphics. That's a combination that's hard to pass up, but it only gets better against the third point.

The third big thing I missed was that, while you're paying that same $50 or $60 for the game, you're now getting maybe three games for that $50 or $60. That's actually a pretty good value in the long term, which when coupled with nostalgia and improved graphics does sort of lend itself well to a purchase. There are a lot of major value points that come together here and produce a new whole.

Granted, I still think some kind of consideration should be shown to those who have already bought the game in question that got remastered. But I'm starting to see the value remastering presents, having tried this concept out now for myself.

Remasters aren't a great idea in their current form, but after playing Dead Island, I started to get a better handle on why it's even there to begin with

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