Pokemon Go's Fate Sagging? Mixed Signs Suggest a Possibility

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Pokemon Go's Fate Sagging? Mixed Signs Suggest a Possibility

Pokemon Go, for the last few weeks, has been a cultural phenomenon that's had a hand in everything from increased exercise to armed robbery. Though it hasn't been around that long, it's already showing some unexpected signs of slowdown, yet at the same time, it may be making some plans to nip that loss in the bud.

The biggest sign of potential trouble ahead is that, for the first time in several weeks since its launch, Pokemon Go is no longer the number one highest grossing app in the iOS App Store, having lost that slot to Clash Royale. Reports suggest that Clash Royale recently got a new load of cards in, and that could have drawn a lot more interest in the game.

This could be a bad sign for Pokemon Go, but by like token, it could be just a sign that the competition is revitalizing itself, something that Pokemon Go really hasn't done of late. At least, until a subsequent report that suggests Pokemon Go may be planning to launch in two totally new markets: China and South Korea.

That's according to word from Pokemon Company CEO and president Tsunekazu Ishihara, who noted the plans in a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal. Though there would likely be plenty of takers, particularly in South Korea, there's a technological issue separating the game from potential players. In that region, reports note, Google Maps works differently than it does elsewhere, which means that the fundamental underpinnings of the game need to be modified in order to make localization work. Given the potential market for the game in those regions, however, pulling off this localization could mean millions of new players.

So to sum up, we have a combination of factors at work: we have a flagging title that's getting aced out by the competition, at least in the short term, and we have clear plans to at least attempt a push on a new market, and one so massive it could bring about millions of new players. Good plan, I'd say, and regardless of the drop-off's actual cause, it would be a worthwhile idea to get some new features on hand for Pokemon Go lest it end up a stale wreck losing players to the Next Big Thing, whatever that may be.

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