Razer Plots a Serious Expansion Effort

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Razer Plots a Serious Expansion Effort

Exciting news for those who follow the Razer line of PC gaming peripherals; we already know that Razer makes some of the best keyboards and computer mice and similar materials. Razer isn't going to rest on its reputation so far, however, and plans to lay out $30 million to go hunting for the best new equipment makers to help keep itself on top.

While this isn't Razer's first funding venture--it's been seen previously as part of the OSVR Fund for virtual reality games that will comfortably work on a number of different platforms--this new effort known as zVentures focuses on not only virtual reality, but also robotics, Android games, big data projects, the Internet of Things, and more. It's spreading its wings wide, offering support to several firms within each field, and it's put a little something extra into its most recent line to help build on the field.

Min-Liang Tan, Razer's chief executive and cofounder, commented "Razer has a long history of supporting partners, third-party product and business development. The cumulative benefit of those initiatives over the past decade has been very positive and significant. zVentures promises to take the sensibilities of our ventures work forward with far greater reach and impact.”

It's a forward-thinking operation that looks beyond itself to drive future development, and with $30 million to throw around, Razer might well drive quite a bit of future development. There's no shortage of competition out there these days, particularly in gaming, and so Razer--or anyone else who wants to survive the industry for any length of time--must push forward aggressively or risk losing ground to those competitors.

$30 million makes a lot of forward momentum, and it will be exciting to see just what comes out of it. It may take a while before this investment bears fruit, but the fruit in question may develop into some noteworthy new pieces, even some that might surpass what Razer already has.

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